Humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border

The Fox News covered the influx of “children” through Texas border this evening. As the newscaster is describing the problem, the camera pans through the crowd of “children”. Many of these youngsters were, in fact, hairy men. Towards the end of the news coverage, the newscaster said that he is a father and “children are children” and we should feel for these children and their plight. As he is speaking these words, the camera, instead of panning again on the men, focuses on two young children. Come on! Let’s be real. Yes, there are some young children with their mothers (many of whom are pregnant with another one). Let’s change the laws of our country to STOP automatically providing citizenship to every baby dropped across our border. This will remove one huge incentive to cross over illegally. Let’s stop automatic access to our services. We have enough people here already to care for.

Anderson Cooper 360

There is no sign of a slowdown in the flood of undocumented children illegally entering the U.S. Some are traveling alone, others are with their parents. Gary Tuchman is in Arizona where he got a first hand look at the treatment they are receiving. Gary also visited the border fence to demonstrate how easy it is to get across.

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